Top Irish Restaurants & Pubs in Montana

Best Irish Restaurants and Pubs in Montana

Whether you are Irish or not, there are some top spots (complete with Trip Advisor reviews) to celebrate the luck of the Irish throughout the Last Best Place!  Before you head to one of our favorite spots noted below to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just to enjoy some classic Irish dishes, here’s a toast to get you in the mood throughout the month of March.

Our Irish Toast to You!

“There are good ships, there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, and may they always be.”

The Stone of Accord
4951 N.Reserve Street
Missoula, MT

Touting “Irish fare with a Montana flair,” The Stone of Accord is a favorite for locals and visitors alike (It’s conveniently located right off 1-90).  The moment you enter the establishment, you will bump right into “The Stone of Accord” which according to the website: “…is a pre-Christian legacy of the Celts. A free-standing rock with a small hole cut in the top, The Stone was used to finalize all types of contracts between the Celts. Marriages, property transfers, and wages were all arranged by shaking hands through the hole of the stone.”  That’s just the beginning of the traditions that flow from the Pub to the Restaurant that is famous for their Saturday and Sunday Brunches, and then some.

Close to our hotel and close to the interstate. Easy access and return. The service was good and the food and portions were fantastic. It was 100 degrees outside but their air conditioning worked like a charm. We were refreshed and full upon leaving. (euOstar)


The Thomas Meagher Bar
139 W Pine
Missoula, MT

Boasting ‘one of the largest selections of Irish Whisky in Western Montana,” The Thomas Meagher Bar might be your first stop to tip one back to the Irish.  Start there, and then save some time to try a variety of their traditional Irish pub fare.

We stayed in Missoula for several days to visit friends and enjoy some cooler weather. The Thomas Meagher bar was steps from our Airbnb. We visited it several times during our stay. The food is excellent. Some of our samplings were the Rueben, the Santa Barbara chicken Sando, The Pita. we also, on the recommendation of Amber had the Irish Dip.  (Dean F.)



Brannigans Pub
101 Center Street
Kalispell, MT

If you have yet to visit Brannigan’s new “Beer Tower,” it’s a perfect reason to head to Kalispel to check it out.  Brannigan’s Pub promises a festive ‘trip to the Emerald Isle without leaving the Flathead Valley.”  Family-owned and always festive, the Pub offers authentic Irish food wrapped with a classic Irish atmosphere.

Visited on a road trip. Had Cornish pasty to start which was great. The fish and chips were fantastic. Crunchy batter and nice halibut with fat chips (fries). The coleslaw was great too not drowned in mayo. Couple of Bass beers. Good service. Fairly quiet as a Sunday but a nice pub. (M. Woodgate)



The Celtic Cowboy
116 1st Avenue
Great Falls, MT

Located in one of the very few remaining buildings from the early days of Great Falls, the Celtic Cowboy is a top spot to stop in on St. Patrick’s Day or any time of the year.  One a home to a livery stable, freight transfer office, teamster boarding house, and grocery, the building is now an iconic figure of times gone by.  Inside the Celtic Cowboy Pub and Restaurant, you can take in some tasty brews and bountiful meals while wrapped within the historic atmosphere.

We stayed at the nice hotel next door and walked over to the connected Celtic Cowboy for dinner. After having a pint of Guinness we ordered food. The Irish Stew was beyond good and the BLT was also great. Live music from a guy that sounded exactly like Waylon Jennings or Johnny Cash when he was singing their songs. The Celtic Cowboy is a great place to have food & drink. (JohnSF)



Bacchus Pub
105 West Main Street
Bozeman, MT

As Bozeman’s “first and only historic pub,” the Bacchus family is proud of its history and heritage of serving classic Irish dishes and dozens of (rotating) beers and beverages. As one might expect, the menu is filled with the favors of the country including our favorite “Reuben,” Bacchus Beef Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, and locally-sourced Bison lunch and dinner options.

Enjoyed a nice late lunch with brews. Dani quickly brought us menus, water and came back shortly to take our order. We liked the atmosphere inside, which has a small and rather intimate feeling with dark woods, and a nice looking bar and with “friar” heads at the top of each pillar. It was a great fall day and the door was open to outside letting in a nice breeze as well. me in the 1960s, the space itself remains largely unchanged.  (Bobbie)