Being that the landscape of Montana is so varied we decided to split up the state for easier searching into four main regions.  The west side was a split along the extended Rockies into the Mountain Region;  The Central Region encompassing the varied terrain on the east side of the mountains and includes the greater metro areas of Helena, Bozeman and Billings; third, the Hi-Line being the area north of the Missouri River;  and lastly the Southeastern region with vast open spaces.

Farm and Ranch Real Estate

Western Montana

Lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, hot springs and trees describe the western quarter of Montana.

Western Montana
Ranches and Farms for Sale in Central Montana

Central Montana

Enjoy a thorough variety of topographies in Central Montana starting with vast open plains near Great Falls and south of the Missouri River then east over to Judith Gap in the center of the state.

Central Montana
Montana’s Hi-Line Farm & Ranch Region

Montana’s Hi-Line

This vast open land’s future is looking toward wind farm development in the energy sector, continued strength in agriculture (wheat) and increases in retirees looking for small town living.

Montana's Hi-Line
Farms & Ranches in Southeastern Montana

Southeastern Montana

Southeastern Montana is vast open prairie ranch land and badlands stretching out in all directions with little to distinguish the border with Wyoming.

southeastern Montana