Montana Warming Centers Offer Welcoming Support

Warming Centers in Montana

Volunteers, Tradesman, Consultants and Funding Needed

With the coldest temperatures in 30 to 40 years now in the record books, Montana’s Welcoming Centers are seeing historic numbers of people needing a warm place to get out of the cold.

From the northwest to the south, Big Sky Country offers several options for those seeking shelter, food, and a welcome spot to warm up safely during the winter months.

This month’s Blog is dedicated to the generous volunteers who keep these shelters open. At Hollinger Real Estate in Big Fork, Montana, we applaud and thank the teams at the Flathead Warming Center in the northwest corner of our state and HDRC Emergency Center in Bozeman, Montana, for their time and passion.

In Kalispell, Montana, the Flathead Warming Center welcomes new volunteers every day. To better understand what it is like to be a part of their heart centered team, here’s a description from their website:

“Inside the Flathead Warming Center, there are amazing opportunities to perhaps provide the only conversation of the day. We get to open the door and greet each person. We get to hear their stories and their plans. We get to offer a hot drink and a dry pair of clean socks, AND now a shower! We get to smile and laugh with each guest. We get to know someone’s son, someone’s sister, someone’s father. We get to learn more about ourselves. We learn that there really shouldn’t be a divide between, “us” and “them” because we are more alike than we are different. We are all in this together! There is a community inside the Flathead Warming Center. We all become less invisible.”

The Flathead Warming Center is a volunteer-driven mission and cannot exist without community support.  Collectively last year, they provided 2,584 hours of service and support.

Contact them today if you want to learn more, become a volunteer, or offer professional services or funding. There are many positions available, as well as consultants or trade service assistance:  Here is a list of their current needs:

    • On-site volunteers – training required
    • Fundraising event volunteers
    • Tradesmen
    • Legal counsel
    • Web / social media PR
    • Fundraising
    • One-time capital gifts to secure and furnish the facility
    • Recurring financial support to cover month-to-month operational expenses

The Bozeman Warming Center offers seasonal shelter to anyone in need. The space provides each individual or group with separate sleeping areas. Trained staff and volunteers are on-site at all times during operating hours. They also offer Daytime Services.

Right now, they are hosting a Supply Drive to refill their shelves after the arctic blast this past month.  The list is long, and your donations are appreciated. You can see the complete list right here.

HDRC serves over 11,000 people throughout the year, and that number continues to grow. Their goal is to impact the community in positive ways by helping individuals “move out of a challenge or crisis and into a positive environment.” In addition to offering a safe and warm environment, HDRC offers housing, food, nutrition, childcare and transportation.

Here’s what the organization and volunteers have to say on their website:

“What many people don’t realize is that our customers often don’t fit the stereotype of people in need. The truth is, anyone can fall on hard times or just need a leg up every once in a while.  Every single one of us benefits from a more connected and supported community. “

The center has 50 beds and has been full during the past few weeks, but the center will try to accommodate everyone who wants to be inside, even if there is not a bed for them. They noted that the center is handing out coats and sleeping bags with below-zero ratings to help keep people warm, especially for those who don’t want to come inside.

Volunteers are always welcome. To learn more, or to donate, visit