Best Farmer’s Markets in Montana

Farmer's Markets in Montana

There might not be anything more symbolic of the start of summer than the opening of Montana’s Farmer’s Markets throughout Big Sky Country. And with the temperatures warming up, a trip to your local market may be the best way to start your garden, save money, find the freshest food of the season and pick out a perfect gift, too!

Savor and Save

There are so many reasons why Farmer’s Markets are growing in popularity. Back in 1994, the USA documented just 2,000 Farmer’s Markets. Today, there are more than 8,500 that are registered in the USDA Farmer’s Market Directory.

One big reason for the growth is the overall value for you, and the farmer too. By cutting out the middleman, both you and your farmers can help each other have a more fruitful summer.  You bring home the freshest food in town, and the farmers receive a higher net gain from your grocery purchase.

Jump-start Your Garden

Right now, most of the markets are offering starter plants to get your veggies well on their way to your summer picnics and backyard barbecues. Think: tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and plenty of herbs to enhance your dinner delicacies all summer long and into the fall as well.

Want to start an English Cutting Garden? Look for the booths that display hanging flower baskets; they often have starter plants that you can take home and pot right away. Within weeks you will be enjoying the colors of your own labor, cutting and assembling your own flower arrangements.

Pick up Some Protein

For protein-packed lunch or dinner, seek out the booths of local ranchers. Just this past week, we picked up a pound of ground lamb which is a nice change of pace for burgers on the grill.

Got company coming? Here’s your chance to support your favorite local bakery and bring home fresh pastries and homemade pie.

Great Gifts for Grads and Dads

Congratulate your recent Grad or wrap up a gift for Dad! Farmer’s Markets are one of the top spots to find the perfect gift. It is highly likely that the market in your neck of the woods has a booth or two hosted by artisans of fine woodwork, photography and other creative concepts.

Find Your Local Farmer’s Market in Montana

Throughout the Last Best Place, there are more markets than ever before. And for all the right reasons.

To find a market closest to you, click on this extensive list.




Big Fork

Big Sky







Columbia Falls

Clyde Park


Deer Lodge



Great Falls








Red Lodge

Thompson Falls

White Fish

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