Best Spots for Ice Fishing In Montana

Where to ice fish in Montana

(Erin catches dinner in Bigfork on Echo Lake over New Year’s weekend)

Throughout Big Sky Country our winter wonderland offers endless ways to enjoy our expansive wilderness. Tucked in and throughout the majesty of our snow-capped mountains and far-reaching ranchlands are opportunities to try the sport of ice fishing.

If you are already a winter angler, you know the solitude and sportsmanship that are all a part of this classic winter sport in Montana. If you are new to the sport, plenty of folks would be happy to share the grandeur, glory and their good-hearted tips to get you on your way to a lake nearby.

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Those unfamiliar with the sport may wonder why anyone would want to sit outside on a frozen lake for hours on end.  For those who have passed on their passion for ice fishing to friends and family, the vision is not what you think.

Generations ago, attire consisted of fur pelts, padded shoes, and a persistence to pound through the ice until a pocket of water appeared. Today, technology has changed the scene that even the most skeptical outdoor enthusiast will embrace.

Ice fishing is now one of the most popular sports in Montana for the whole family to enjoy. Long cold days sitting outside and chopping on ice with grandpa’s axe have been replaced with all the comforts of home (sort of) – with heated shelters, high-tech ice augers, rods and reels, electronic fish finders, and clothing to keep you comfortable inside and out.

A local’s tip: If you get invited to try out the sport, remember to bring the Whiskey and Hot Spiced Cocoa!

If you would rather be introduced by a pro, here’s a good list of Montana Fishing Guides to get you into our pristine paradise.

Top Spots to Ice Fish in Montana

Now that we are in the middle of our Montana winter, there are plenty of places to unplug and plug into the extraordinary sport of ice fishing.

Below you will find a list of the top spots to ice fish in Montana. If you seek a more secluded experience, there are plenty of ponds to fulfill your passion.

Here is a guide to get you started. For more options, check with your regional Fish, Wildlife and Parks office or explore the FishMT map!

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Region 7

Ice Fishing Contests in Montana

If there is one month in the year that brings out the best in the sport, it’s February!  If you are looking for a contest to test your ice fishing talents and tenacity, see this list of ice fishing contests in Montana.

If you just want to see what this sport is all about, feel free to attend any one of these competitions.  We can assure you that the camaraderie and fish tales are worth a drive to sit among some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth.

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